Cathy Grindrod

Cathy Grindrod was brought up in Clitheroe, Lancashire, and now lives in Derbyshire. Her poetry has been widely published, broadcast and commissioned, and she was appointed Derbyshire Poet Laureate from 2005-2007.

She recently collaborated with composer James Redwood, writing the libretto for the oratorio, More Glass Than Wall, performed by VIVA East Midlands Orchestra and 180 schoool children yo commemorate the death of Bess of Hardwick. She also writes for theatre, in 2009 winning second prize in the East Midlands Dream Up Monologue Writing Competition. More information about her work can be found on her website – visit it here.

Praise for Fighting Talk

“This is a rare talent. Cathy Grindrod comprehends the vice of the obstinate child, the hostile teenager, the been-there-seen-that-woman… with the voices of love for the helpless dead as well as the splendidly alive… she moves the reader at all sorts of levels.”
U A Fanthorpe

“Humour, fun, tenderness: a quiet understanding of the heart break at the heart of things… [and] a remarkable skill for recapturing that intense time of lost content/discontent we half remember… it gives her work a special authenticity… immediate and springing with life…”
Julie Lumsden, Staple

“A strong idiomatic voice… and a compelling compassion… she has a winning way of convincing us that pity and bitterness are surprisingly close emotions in cogent, engaging writing…”
Will Daunt, Envoi

Books by Shoestring Press:

The Sky, Head On