Barbara Hardy

Barbara Hardy’s many critical books include The Novels of George Eliot, The Advantage of Lyric, Tellers and Listeners, Shakespeare’s Storytellers, Thomas Hardy: Imagining Imagination and George Eliot: A Critics Biography.

Her memoir, Swansea Girl, and a novel, London and Lovers, were both highly acclaimed, as was her previous collection from Shoestring Press, Severn Bridge: New and Selected Poems (2001).  The Yellow Carpet will delight all those familiar with her work and without doubt bring her new admirers.

“The poem ‘The Grandmother’s Story’ is typical in its tone of modest containment, the scene set with simplicity… the voice never over-dramatized right to the chilly undercurrents of the last lines… Unfashionably good.”


“Many of the poems [in Severn Bridge] are loosely metered and unrhymed, sometimes without stanza divisions, a form well suited to their particular kind of intense reflection and reminiscence… Hardy’s fine sense of place and sharp use of detail make this a very satisfying collection.”


Books by Shoestring Press:

The Yellow Carpet