Angela Leighton

Angela Leighton was born in Wakefield, educated in Edinburgh and Oxford, and taught for many years at the University of Hull. She is now a research fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge.

Angela Leighton has published books and essays on nineteenth and twentieth-century literature, including On Form: Poetry, Aestheticism, and the Legacy of a Word, as well as three volumes of poetry: A Cold Spell (2000), Sea Level (2007) and The Messages (2012).  Her poems have appeared in many magazines in Britain and America, and some have been set to music.

‘Outstanding among the excellent … the poems ring like bells.’ Anne Stevenson, Other Poetry.

‘Angela Leighton’s language is surprisingly meaty.  This is attentive, sure-footed poetry.’  Sara Crown, The Guardian.

‘The density of Angela Leighton’s poetry is of the best kind: a feeling for the play of words in space, on space; a richness of diction, which is uncompromising and unpredictable; a consciousness of the tradition within which she is working.’ John Greening, TLS.

‘She is clearly an original poet and may come to be an important one.’ Elaine Feinstein, The Times.

Books by Shoestring Press:

The Messages

A Cold Spell

Sea Level