Alan Dixon

Alan Dixon was born in 1936 in Waterloo, Lancashire, and spent his school years in Halifax. After National service in the RAF (Maintenance Command Statistics), he studied Art at Goldsmiths’ College and taught in schools in London and Peterborough for 28 years. He exhibited pictures in London galleries, including the Artist’s International Association Gallery from 1959 and has had exhibitions of constructions in Peterborough and Eastbourne where he now lives.

His first collection of poems, Snails and Reliquaries, was published by The Fortune Press in 1964. Subsequent collections were published a by Poet and Printer (some of which incorporated his woodcuts) and Redbeck Press. For many years he was a regular translator of poems for the New Hungarian Quarterly, although he is not a linguist.

“The ‘feel’ is genuine… this poetically unusual but humanly commonplace mixture gives him at his best, a gawky originality”

Times Literary Supplement

“This admirably diverse poet”

Lines Review

“…His cool irony and clipped yet easy style belong to a broader European tradition…”

Yorkshire Post

Books by Shoestring Press:

The Wall Dancer

Wood & Ink

73 Woodcuts

The Ogling of Lady Luck