Dimitris Lyacos

Dimitris Lyacos was born in Athens in 1966. He studied Law at the University of Athens and Philosophy at University College London. His trilogy Poena Damni (Z213: EXIT, With the peoples from the bridge, The First Death), has been translated into English, Spanish, Italian and German and has been the subject of readings in several European countries as well as the United States.

An audio-visual installation based on Nyctivoe made its debut in London and was thereafter hosted by a variety of prestigious European venues throughout 2005, while a contemporary dance performance based on the same work was staged in Greece in 2006-2007. The trilogy has also become the attention of academic research, among others by the universities of Miami, Amsterdam, Trieste and Oxford. Excerpts have been published by numerous literary periodicals, principally English-speaking, throughout the world.

Books by Shoestring Press:

Poena Damni: With the people from the bridge

Poena Damni: The First Death

Poena Damni: Nyctivoe

Poena Damni: Z213: Exit

The above were translated by Shorsha Sullivan.